Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Minnesota introduced new coach Rick Adelman on Wednesday.


No team in the NBA was more poorly coached and in more desperate need of a good coach than Minnesota.

And David Kahn did a wonderful job of bringing in a guy who has everything it takes to turn the franchise around.

You never know with these coaching hires.

And I can't say for sure that Adelman will succeed in Minnesota, but there is absolutely no doubt that Kahn did his job by putting Minnesota in the best position to win.

There is nothing more you can ask of him than that.

Credit must also be given to owner Glen Taylor for doing what it took financially to get the deal done.

I want to introduce some new terminology.

When people talk about shooting guards and small forwards, they refer to them as "wings." And when they refer to power forwards and centers, they call them "bigs."

I've never liked the terms wings and bigs.

So when I write about what people call wings, I'll refer to them as 23s because shooting guards are also called "twos" and small forwards "threes."

And when I write about bigs I'll call them 45s because power forwards are called "fours" and centers "fives."

Point guards will be labeled 1s.

So when you see me writing about 1s, 23s and 45s, you'll know what I mean.

This Stephen Jackson trade is starting to grow on me.

It's why it is sometimes best to not do an instant reaction when a trade goes down.

I was extremely high on Milwaukee last year. Injuries totally derailed their season.

When they picked up Jackson in a three-team trade back in June, at first I thought they were throwing in the towel, a small-market team that took its shot and gave up too soon to save money when it didn't work out.

But the more I look at this team, the more I like it. I like the combinations they have at almost all positions.

The one hole I see is at small forward.

Carlos Delfino is a good player, but I don't think he's good enough to be a starter on this team if they want to be a legitimate contender.

A higher-caliber, starting small forward who can push Delfino to the bench would make Milwaukee a serious threat.

That is assuming Scott Skiles is up to the task.

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