Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In Too Deep

This article is to announce the end of High Basketball IQ as we know it.

It is with great sadness that I make this announcement because I truly love writing about the NBA here.

But let there be no doubt that at this point I am simply in too deep.

Since I started HBIQ (known as "Basketball IQ" back then), the task of completing stories has become much greater than I ever imagined it would. This blog started with no direction and as a hobby to keep me occupied while I was between jobs in my chosen profession.

But the more I got into it the more serious and focused it became, and the amount of prep time for each story became more and more, more film study, more reading other writers to stay ahead, more stats, more research, more games, more thinking and figuring, more pioneering, more analysis, more detail, more professionalism, more fact-checking, more editing, more everything.

And it has gotten to the point where I can no longer give the time required to maintain the high standard I have set for myself here.

I may still post stories from time to time, but they likely won't have the same depth, scope and frequency as they have in the past.

I apologize to all of my readers and everyone who has supported me and thank you for that support. Nothing would please me more than to continue covering the NBA as you have come to expect.

Unfortunately, I can no longer do it.

Best wishes to all of the writers out there who continue to cover the NBA and give readers what they need to help them understand the game better and enjoy it more.

See you around.

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