Friday, May 20, 2011

Classic: Dwyane Wade and Lupe Fiasco

I posted some Derrick Rose highlights with Kanye West this morning.

But since Dwyane Wade is from Chicago too and is also playing in the playoffs, and there are other Chicago musicians around with hit songs, I thought it only fair to find something showcasing Dwyane Wade.

And I was very fortunate to come up with a nearly flawless video of Wade's 2010-11 season with music by Chicago's own Lupe Fiasco, "The Show Goes On."

It has almost everything from Wade's season that you would expect.

And what would a good Dwyane Wade highlight reel be without his famous, "This is my house!" antics?

The footage I found of Blake Griffin and Derrick Rose the past couple days inspired me to start HBIQ Cinema and HBIQ Legends Cinema.

Some highlight reels go beyond being just highlights and turn into total entertainment experiences.

So I'll use the HBIQ Cinema label for them and use HBIQ Cinema as a place where you can go to watch them and just be entertained for as long as you wish.

HBIQ Legends Cinema is for players no longer in the NBA like Michael Jordan.

But be warned: In what has to be some sort of internet record, the Michael Jordan highlights I linked to just last month have already been removed; so you might want to watch these as quickly as possible before they disappear forever.

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