Saturday, April 16, 2011


This would be a good time to point out that this is a regular season power poll and is not meant to indicate in any way what will happen in the playoffs.

The Final Power Poll will be released after the NBA Finals, and that will show who ultimately ended up being the best team in the NBA, with the rest of the top-10 teams in some order.

Looking at our last power poll, those same Chicago Bulls are still the most impressive team around.

They swept Miami and crushed Boston on their way to securing the best record in the association, rising from fifth in the playoff push poll.

Boston fell the furthest during that time.

They were second in the last poll and are now in sixth.

And Denver and Portland made their way into the top 10 after not being ranked there since the first power poll in November for Denver, and not at all for Portland, quite an accomplishment for one team which had to take in so many new players so late in the season and another which battled injuries to key players all season long.

As far as the playoffs, I won't be making any predictions.

The officiating is too inconsistent, and so are the coaches.

I'll just watch and enjoy.

(1.) Chicago (62-20)
(2.) San Antonio (61-21)
(3.) Miami (58-24)
(4.) Los Angeles (57-25)
(5.) Dallas (57-25)
(6.) Boston (56-26)
(7.) Oklahoma City (55-27)
(8.) Orlando (52-30)
(9.) Denver (50-32)
(10.) Portland (48-34)


Congratulations to the Minnesota Timberwolves!

They managed to go on a 15-game losing streak to end the season and secure their most important victory of the season, a win over Cleveland for the worst record in the NBA, giving themselves the best chance of getting the No. 1 pick in the 2011 draft.

Kurt Rambis deserves almost all of the credit, or blame.

Looking at the rest of the bottom 10, 80 percent of the teams are the same teams who were here in the first poll back in November, with Cleveland and Toronto moving in and Philadelphia and Houston moving out.

Other than teams changing places here and there throughout the season, nothing changed among the bottom teams.

They were more or less here at the beginning, here in the middle; and they are here at the end.

(1.) Minnesota (17-65)
(2.) Cleveland (19-63)
(3.) Toronto (22-60)
(4.) Washington (23-59)
(5.) New Jersey (24-58)
(6.) Sacramento (24-58)
(7.) Detroit (30-52)
(8.) Los Angeles (32-50)
(9.) Charlotte (34-48)
(10.) Milwaukee (35-47)

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