Saturday, April 2, 2011

Cool Michael Jordan Highlight Reel

I'm always on the lookout for cool highlight reels to look at.

I found a new one featuring Michael Jordan a few weeks ago.

It features most of the footage you would expect in any good Jordan highlight: the shot at North Carolina, the press conference with Dean Smith to announce he was going pro, David Stern announcing his name at the draft, the shot over Craig Ehlo, the one over Bryon Russell, the threes on Portland, him crying over the trophy one year and on the court another, baseball, the comeback, the 45.

There is no "switch of hands" though.

It has the dunks he did when he was younger that he never did anymore after he got a few years in and shows the young Jordan with hair before he went with the bald look and shows the classic fashion, the gold necklace, the way he looked in his uniform and of course the shoes, all of which made him so popular in the '80s.

It starts off to "Mama Said Knock You Out" by Uncle L and ends with a style I really can't describe but which sounds appropriately dramatic for the situation, swan song type stuff peaking at just the right time as the video ends.

It sounds like something off of Titanic.

You might also enjoy this Scottie Pippen highlight reel I posted before. It is a lot more serious, basketball type stuff and also features some footage from the Game 5 classic against New York in 1993.

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