Saturday, September 25, 2010

Ricky Rubio Highlight Reel

Ricky Rubio is flat-out amazing!

He is one of those rare athletes, like Joe Montana, who has the ability to do great things and make it look easy.

The highlight reel shows some of his unbelievable and entertaining skills and abilities from various games played over the past few years.

One thing which pops out is his ability to hustle and play defense.

That means he'll be able to help his team win even when his offensive game isn't flowing. A good series of defensive and hustle plays starts at 6:58.

It makes you understand what Kevin Durant and Coach K were talking about recently after Team USA played against Rubio.

Rubio also shakes Jason Kidd out of his sneakers (1:58) and strips Chris Paul clean (8:59), but the best play has to be Rubio's double-behind-the-back pass (2:52).

It should be pointed out that Rubio was a mere 17 years old during the 2008 Olympics, playing against the greatest players the NBA had to offer.

At 6-4, Rubio has great size for a point guard.

He also has a rare basketball IQ. As the saying goes, other players are playing checkers while Ricky Rubio is playing chess.

And that is on both offense and defense.

When Ricky Rubio comes to America, he will dazzle and amaze exactly as he has in other leagues around the world.

Those who think otherwise are kidding themselves.

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