Sunday, June 27, 2010

NBA Draft 2010 Winners

It goes without saying that any team which got a member of the Spectacular Seven was a draft day winner.

Let's take a look at some other teams and evaluate what they did in the draft.

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By far, the biggest winner of the 2010 NBA Draft was the Milwaukee Bucks. In the first round they got Larry Sanders from Virginia Commonwealth University (15). Sanders is a 6-11 power forward who should start for Milwuakee.

Looking at the Bucks' roster, it is hard to believe that a team with that many holes actually made the playoffs.

And speaking of holes, it seems that they filled every single one of them in the past week alone.

To compete with Sanders for the starting power forward spot is Keith "Tiny" Gallon out of Oklahoma (47). At 6-9 and 300 pounds, Gallon has size and skills. He can be as good as he wants to be in the NBA.

These two players will bolster Milwaukee's front line and make them much deeper and a force to be reckoned with next season. Gallon is way better than the 47th best player in this draft.

In another draft night heist, Milwuakee also stole Darington Hobson out of New Mexico (37).

Either this is an incredibly deep draft and I just don't see it or a bunch of teams made a huge mistake in not drafting Darington Hobson.

It is incredible that he was still on the board in the second round. At 6-7, he has the same type of skills as Evan Turner only not as much speed.

The Bucks deserve an enormous amount of credit for the draft they pulled off.

All three of these guys are players and should get minutes as rookies. They increase team depth and overall talent and with the addition of Corey Maggette give Milwaukee a chance to compete with anybody.

Michael Redd's recovery becomes crucial. With the additions the team has made, a healthy Redd could take the Bucks deep into the playoffs.


Another team which had a great draft night is the Detroit Pistons. Detroit first drafted 6-11 Greg Monroe from Georgetown (7).

I have questions about Monroe's competitive fire, especially on defense, and athleticism; so I want to watch him play more before making a judgment on how good he will be.

That being said, there are some things which he can do now which will help the Pistons. He can rebound, pass and score.

He also averaged 1.5 blocks and 1.5 steals in two years in DC, which means that he is at least aware of what is going on on the defensive end. He'll help the Pistons in many ways and fits in nicely with the players they already have.

In the second round Detroit selected Terrico White from Ole Miss (36). The 6-5 shooting guard improves Detroit's talent level and should contribute immediately.

White is another player who I can't believe was available in the second round. He has a lot of game. These two players should lead the Pistons back to the playoffs.

White's highlights start at 3:23.


The Clippers started things off by selecting 6-9 Al-Farouq Aminu from Wake Forest (8).

They then traded for 6-1 point guard Eric Bledsoe of Kentucky (18) and selected 6-4 shooting guard Willie Warren from Oklahoma (54).

I'm not really a big fan of either player yet, but each of them increases the overall talent level of the Clippers' team.

More needs to be seen more from each player before it can be determined what this talent increase means for the Clips in terms of wins and losses. But good things should follow any time a team can add three talented players like this in one draft.

I also like the Orlando Magic selection of 6-10 center Daniel Orton, Kentucky (29); the Miami Heat selection of 6-10 center Dexter Pittman, Texas (32); and the New York Knicks' drafting of 6-5 guard Andy Rautins, Syracuse (38).

As will soon be seen, this was far from a one- or two-player draft.

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